Comfort Elite 3 Restroom Trailer


Comfort Elite 3 Restroom Trailer

This Comfort Elite 3 Restroom trailer is a used luxury restroom trailer for sale that features a 16’ trailer (box length) and three separate suites that each has their own entrance. There are two women’s suites and one men’s suite.

Each suite features a flushing china toilet, vanity with sink, metered facet, large mirror, trash receptacle, and occupancy lighting. The men’s suite also includes a urinal.  

Sale Price: $22,000

Features of Used Luxury Restroom Trailer for Sale

  • Waste tank
  • Fresh water tank with pump (125 gallons)
  • Air Conditioning 
  • Steps with landing and detachable railings
  • Occupancy indicator lights
  • Pedal flush china toilets
  • Urinal in men’s room
  • 16’ trailer box length